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Author review: William Brodrick

Before William Brodrick became an author, he was a friar then a barrister in London.

This has clearly informed his series of crime novels (that started in 2003 with The Sixth Lamentation) in which his main character is a London barrister who sought the solace of a Priory and became Father Anselm. The novels can easily stand alone and be read out of order of publication (Mr Brodrick’s superb writing ability provides full characterisations within each book, and does not leave the reader stranded).  The third book of the series, A Whispered Name, won the Crime Writers Association Golden Dagger award in the year of publication, 2009. There are, to date, six novels in the Father Anselm series.

 In the earlier novels, a plaintiff would seek out Father Anselm at the Priory to obtain assistance in righting a wrong. With the approval of his Prior, Anselm is then free to leave the Priory for the time required to unravel a very tangled mystery and obtain, if not a rightful justice, at least closure for all parties.

Father Anslem is a man  who quietly seeks justice for those whom the police or society have ignored. He is humble, learned in the ways of the law, and would possibly prefer to spend all of his time at the Priory completing acts of charity with his fellow brethren yet he is drawn to assisting anyone who asks for his help.  In this, his Prior also understands the strengths and needs of his newest friar and supports his requests for leave without hesitation.

If you enjoy a beautifully written crime novel, set in the present day but with the actual crime committed in the past, wonderfully drawn characters, a gently paced novel but with sufficient twists and turns to keep your interest throughout, do try any of William’s novels.  All have satisfying conclusions and leaves one waiting with anticipation for the next Father Anselm story.

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Belinda Coombs
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Author review: William Brodrick

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