Privacy Policy

The School will maintain the privacy of all information it collects in a manner consistent with the relevant Privacy Principles set out in the Commonwealth Government’s Privacy Act 1988. This will apply to its members, staff, contractors, suppliers and those accessing its services and facilities, including its tenants and venue hirers. Not all principles apply to the School, namely, principle 2 – anonymity and pseudonymity.


Whilst not required to conform with the regulatory environment established under the Act due to size and nature of its business, the School will strive to uphold the principles set out in the Act. The following statements of intent reflect those principles and apply to all types of parties identified in the policy statement:

  1. All personal information shall be held in a clearly defined form (principle 1);
  2. Only the minimal information necessary to establish the identity of a member and their entitlement to exercise membership rights will be required to be recorded. Additional information may be provided at the discretion of the member (principle 3);
  3. Unsolicited personal information will not be retained (principle 4);
  4. Members will be notified of the collection of personal information (principle 5);
  5. Members’ personal information will only be used for the purpose it has been collected
    (principles 6 and 7);
  6. Members’ personal information will not be disclosed to other parties (principle 8);
  7. SMSA will not record or use members’ government related identifiers e.g. tax file numbers, other than as required in the normal course of business (principle 9);
  8. SMSA will strive to ensure Members’ information is current and accurate (principles 10 and 13);
  9. Only those persons who have a reason relevant to their role will have access to members’ information (principle 11); and
  10. Members’ will have access to their information (principle 12)

Procedural statement (where relevant)

To be considered as part of all governance, managerial and administrative practices by all members and staff.

Designated owner (person/committee)

Governance Committee

The Privacy Policy of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts may be downloaded below:

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If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact the Secretary on 02 9262 7300.

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