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Author Review: Clive Cussler (Update)

Clive Cussler, a popular author who has written 62 adventure type books, with 2 books being released after this review. He also wrote 4 non-fiction and 2 children’s books. Some of his books are written in conjunction with others, notably his son Dirk. His adventure books can be divided into 5 series but there is some cross-over with the characters in some of the later novels. The series are:

Dirk Pitt Adventures – Dirk is the quintessential adventurer, always ‘seeking’. With his side-kick Al Giordino he gets caught up in many adventures! There are currently 23 in this series and 14 of them were written before any of the other series appeared. The SMSA has 10 of this series.
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The NUMA Files – The protagonist in this series is Kurt Austin, team leader of NUMA’s Special Assignments division. Most of this series is co-written with Paul Kemprecos. There are 13 in this series with the latest being released in 2015. The SMSA has 11 of this series.

The Oregon Files – Features a ship of this name which was introduced in the Dirk Pitt adventure “Flood Tide”. Although looking like a decrepit freighter it is a heavily-armed high-tech vessel. It is run like a business in which the crew are shareholders. There are 10 in this series and SMSA has 6.

Isaac Bell Adventures – Isaac is an investigator for the “Van Dorn Detective Agency”. They are set in the Western U.S. There are 9 books and SMSA has 6 of them.

Fargo Adventures – Sam and Remi Fargo are professional treasure hunters. The SMSA has 5 of the 7 available novels. A 6th is being released in 2014. The SMSA has 1 of his non-fiction books, “The Sea Hunters”. I have attached a reading guide as well as a list indicating which books the SMSA library has on its shelves.


Download PDF  Clive Cussler Books

Download PDF  Clive Cussler Reading List


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Author Review: Clive Cussler (Update)

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